Wire Mesh Cable Tray - Galvanized or Powder Coated Surfaces

Wire mesh cable tray supplies a point-to-point pathway for cables. Made of high quality steel wire and welded into 2" × 4" rectangular grid pattern. the grid is formed into U shaped channels, which supports and carry cables. The hole pattern design make it possible for the cables to pass through and go up and down.

Compared with fiberglass cable trays, the wire mesh cable tray has higher tensile strength and mechanical strength. The material of wire mesh cable trays are various, including carbon steel with various surface furnish and stainless steel. Different surface finish can suit different applications, you can refer to the below chart and choose the perfect one you need.

Surface finish of wire mesh cable tray
Surface finish Suit material Standard Thickness
Pre-galvanized Carbon steel ASTM-A6553  
Electric galvanized Carbon steel EN 12329-2000 Minimum 8 microns and average is 12 microns
Hot dipped galvanized Carbon steel EN 1461-1999 Above 60 microns
Powder coated Carbon steel EN: 10309-1999 Above 50 microns
Pickled Stainless steel / /
passivated Stainless steel / /
Electrolytic polishing Stainless steel / /
A stainless steel wire mesh cable tray on the gray background.
WMCT-01: Stainless steel wire mesh cable tray.
A black color wire mesh cable tray on the gray background.
WMCT-02: Powder coated surface wire mesh cable tray.

We can not only supply the wire mesh cable trays, we can also supply all kinds of wire mesh cable tray accessories for easy and fast installation. The main accessories are including connection system, supporting system and installation system. Different accessories can be used in different positions for different functions. These accessories can ensure the wire mesh cable tray solid, firm and high strength.

A wire mesh cable tray is installed onto the ceiling by M shape bar.
WMCT-03: Wire mesh cable tray supporting accessory.
Two couplers are connecting two neighbor wire mesh cable tray.
WMCT-04: Wire mesh cable tray connection accessory.

Specifications of wire mesh cable tray

  • Material: carbon steel, SS 304, SS 316L.
  • Surface finish:
    • PG: pre-galvanized zinc material according to ASTM-A6553.
    • EZ: electric galvanized plated according to EN 12329-2000. Thickness average 12 microns, minimum 8 microns.
    • HDG: hot dipped galvanized according to EN 1461-1999. Thickness above 60 microns.
    • PC: powder coated according to EN: 10309-1999. Thickness above 50 microns, color is optional.
    • SS: pickled & passivated, or electrolytic polishing for stainless steel material.
    • DC/GT: dacromet/ geomet for accessories.
  • Mesh size: 50 mm × 100 mm.
  • Wire diameter: 4.0 mm - 6.0 mm. 5.0 mm is the standard and commonly used.
  • Length: commonly is 3 m.
  • Width: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm.
  • Height: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and special can be customized.

Specifications of WMCT50 wire mesh cable tray

A lateral view of wire mesh cable tray with 50 mm height.
WMCT50 wire mesh cable tray
Item Height
WMCT50-01 50 50 3000 5
WMCT50-02 50 100 3000 5
WMCT50-03 50 150 3000 5
WMCT50-04 50 200 3000 5
WMCT50-05 50 300 3000 5
WMCT50-06 50 400 3000 5
WMCT50-07 50 450 3000 5
WMCT50-08 50 500 3000 5
WMCT50-09 50 600 3000 5

Specifications of WMCT100 wire mesh cable tray

A lateral view of wire mesh cable tray with 100 mm height.
WMCT100 wire mesh cable tray
Item Height
WMCT100-01 100 100 3000 5
WMCT100-02 100 150 3000 5
WMCT100-03 100 200 3000 5
WMCT100-04 100 300 3000 5
WMCT100-05 100 400 3000 5
WMCT100-06 100 450 3000 5
WMCT100-07 100 500 3000 5
WMCT100-08 100 600 3000 5

Specifications of WMCT150 wire mesh cable tray

A lateral view of wire mesh cable tray with 150 mm height.
WMCT150 wire mesh cable tray
Item Height
WMCT150-01 150 150 3000 5
WMCT150-02 150 200 3000 5
WMCT150-03 150 300 3000 5
WMCT150-04 150 400 3000 5
WMCT150-05 150 450 3000 5
WMCT150-06 150 500 3000 5
WMCT150-07 150 600 3000 5

Features of wire mesh cable tray

  • Easy installation. We can supply all kinds of accessories, including different angle connections to let the installation easy and fast.
  • Good appearance. Stainless steel and galvanized wire mesh cable tray supply bright metal color and PVC coated cable tray can supply various color to suit different applications.
  • Save space. It can save 25% space than cable ladder.
  • Flexible and permeable. The hole pattern design supply maximum flexible and permeable to the cables.
  • Trough style design. This design can keep cables in position.
  • Various height. Different height for choice to suit different cable sizes.
  • Light weight. The weight of wire mesh cable tray is 30% to 60% less than the traditional cable trays.
  • High load capacity. It can load large quantity and heavy duty cables.
  • High temperature resistance. The wire mesh cable tray can maintain good conditions even in the high temperature environments.
  • Chemical stability. The stainless steel material and hot dipped galvanized material can be used in acid and alkali environments and other harsh environments.

Applications of wire mesh cable tray

Wire mesh cable tray is widely used in all kinds of industries to load cables, the main applications are as follows:

  • Low voltage.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Food industry.
  • Beverage industry.
  • Data center.
  • Fiber optic cables supported on short spans.

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